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in a superficial city filled with mayhem and scandal, dreams can be made and just as easily broken. we are a no word count, character driven, literate roleplay site based in los angeles, california. if you have any questions feel free to hit us up in the cbox.

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Everything you need to know
Thread Moderation
Today at 06:33 am // APPLES
23 topics :: 291 replies

Everything you need to know about From This Valley! Check here for the plot, the rules, member groups, and credits. Any announcements will be here as well as a place for you to leave suggestions!

rulesplotannouncementssuggestionsmoderationawardscustom templatestaco tuesdaycharacter crushopen threads

callahan, blake
Sep 21 2016, 09:11 PM // blake callahan
-7 topics :: 6 replies

Grab a template to make your character and post it within! We also have a 'Work In Progress' section for those apps that are not quite done yet.

application templatecompletedwork in progress

Open Thread Directory
Today at 06:20 am // Victoria Sykes
5 topics :: 845 replies

Claim your playbys and add yourself to the Who's Who guide. Face Claims & Member Directory is mandatory, please!

face claimsmember directoryFTV pop culture guide

Character Directory
Damon Gibbs
Yesterday at 04:56 pm // Nina
156 topics :: 238 replies

All the wild and wonderful characters of FTV are right here!


Ma sœur, Mon ami
Today at 05:27 am // Victoria Sykes
69 topics :: 306 replies

You're wanted, right here! Search through these amazing want ads to inspire you for your next character

familyfriendsloversenemiesroomiesworkmixeddo you need a... ?AUcompleted

Shippers & Plotters
Real recognize real, right?
Yesterday at 07:50 pm // Riot Jameson
114 topics :: 1196 replies

Post your shipper here and plot to your little heart's content!


Today at 06:30 am // Jack Daly
252 topics :: 7667 replies

If your character is into it, keep them abreast of social media here, or just send a text to someone they know. Within this forum is also LA TIMES ONLINE and the Graffiti Wall.

phonesinstagramtwitterIMgraffiti wallLA TimesWall of Love

Things Are Getting Fucked Up
34 minutes ago // Aja Kouri
80 topics :: 268 replies

Sunny LA was just hit with a massive earthquake and residents are trapped without the most basic facilities— the city might be on lockdown, but you are not alone!

daresthe pleasure chestthe morguethe sweet spotwild ones record storelockdown technology

Show Me the Ropes
Yesterday at 08:09 pm // Damon Gibbs
27 topics :: 150 replies

the sunset strip is the place to be when darkness falls across la!

juicy's stripclubrestaurantsafter dark club

We were victims of the night
Today at 05:45 am // Victoria Sykes
12 topics :: 64 replies

Welcome to hollywood

CY Studioswalk of fame

so baby pull me closer
Today at 04:06 am // Mackinley Frost
36 topics :: 178 replies

it's better to walk than drive when you are downtown, as parking is limited and expensive! a largely commercial area, downtown gets quiet in the evenings.

financial districtchinatownresidencesthe sweet spotkealey danvers lawlapdexposition parklittle tokyo

she smells like teen spirit
Yesterday at 06:35 pm // Selina Catcher
41 topics :: 120 replies

Home to a rad crowd, Venice Beach is full of performers, artists, eclectic shops and skate parks. Usually jam-packed with tourists, Venice Beach is a mecca for beach culture and people watching. Come for a swim at the beach, go for a skate at the Skate Park or meet your mates at Pizza Dat Azz.

residences420 glaze it donutsbeachdown but not out tattoosfrisky business adult storepizza dat azzflex appeal gymwonderland plaza

And oh babe, can you tell w...
Today at 05:40 am // Arthur Holmes
75 topics :: 388 replies

This beachfront neighborhood is located beside Venice Beach and is known for its amusement park pier, sunshine and celebrity sightings. With a low crime rate and a affluent housing, Santa Monica is an ideal spot for many.

residencesart gallerythird street promenadesanta monica piercirque lunelove lock bridge

sugar in my eyes
Yesterday at 06:47 am // Jayla Aquino
59 topics :: 301 replies

The West Side is populated with a mix of students and families, as well as locals of different ethnicities.

bel air seagreen church & cemeterymallUCLACedars-Sinai hospitalLAX

This City
Today at 06:17 am // Victoria Sykes
31 topics :: 187 replies

Hipster central, Silver Lake is ultra-modern and basically the coolest neighbourhood in Los Angeles. The residents here are slightly wealthy and incredibly trendy. In here you'll find indie record stores, a winery, the reservoir and some amazing cafes.

residencesgoddess roomfood truck parkthe basement sports bar

girl you love this shit don...
48 minutes ago // Riot Jameson
20 topics :: 67 replies

The San Fernando Valley is where celebrities and everyday citizens live, work & play. Pretty and diverse suburbs co-exist with major movie studios.

residencestrailer parktheme parksBaytes Motel

black castrum doloris
Yesterday at 08:53 am // Laila Sinclair
15 topics :: 117 replies

Take your characters out of LA and plop them down anywhere else in the world!

The Past
she was the mother of all w...
Sep 26 2016, 08:35 PM // Holly Catcher
6 topics :: 26 replies

Want to play the back story of your character? How a couple met? A pivotal moment in your character's past? Play it here!

don't miss me too much
Yesterday at 08:37 pm // Vincent Graves
12 topics :: 43 replies

If you are not going to be around, post your away message here. Please make sure to include dates if possible, as ambiguous aways are difficult!

Today at 04:15 am // ASH KETCHUM
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